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FirLab is a software house specialised in Workforce Management, Process Optimisation, and Working Shift Management.
Thanks to its team composed mainly of engineers, with important professional experience in the HR sector, in 2002 FirLab developed StaffRoster: a software dedicated to the scheduling of shifts and the optimisation of business resources.
The perfect knowledge of the industry, combined with our passion for our work, allows us to support our customers in their digitalisation process every day, offering the best of technology and constant assistance

What do we do?

We help companies face digitalisation
through technologically cutting-edge solutions

Digitalisation means improving processes and increasing productivity.
FirLab works alongside large and small companies proposing solutions for personnel management and shift planning, technologically cutting-edge, but at the same time very versatile and easy to use. Our solutions help companies to approach the world of new technologies, relying on the constant support of a team of experts.
Our goal is to provide tools that optimise processes.
That’s why we specialise in corporate resource scheduling and resource planning software.
To help you make the most of your human and business resources, we provide you a Cloud infrastructure and our system integrator skills. Our goal is to let you make the most of our products according to your needs, adapting them to your company’s IT processes.


Our software for shift management

StaffRoster is our flagship product: a web application (also equipped with a mobile module) for the scheduling of staff shifts, the planning of activities and the creation of an optimised shift schedule.
StaffRoster is fully configurable according to the specific needs of each company.
Starting from the analysis of the needs of the company, the configuration of the system includes:

  • employee details
  • contracts in use in the company
  • type of shift roster to be applied.

The correct staff requirements come from:

  • different working time slots
  • skills of employees
  • specific rules and constraints of the operating structure.

Once the automatic scheduling has been delivered, we pass from the planning phase to the operational and management phase; this phase includes the schedule editing, the absences management, possible workers substitution, the swap between employees, holiday and overtime requests authorisation, and so on.

Thanks to its features, StaffRoster allows you to:

  • cut down the overtime hours;
  • control labour costs thanks to the dedicated Cost Analysis module;
    integrate it with the most common time attendances and payroll softwares;
  • improve company productivity and employee’s mood, always taking care of company revenue goals.

Thanks to the mobile app and the possibility of exchanging real-time information and messages, StaffRoster improves communication within the teams avoiding unnecessary waste of time.

The Team

Mario Del Giudice

Mario Del Giudice

Chief Executive Officer


Mario Del Giudice is one of the founding members and is the chairman of the board of directors of FirLab. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Florence. He deals with the financial aspects in the company and is responsible for the organisation of the sales network.

Stefano Cappugi

Stefano Cappugi

Chief Technical Officer


Stefano Cappugi is one of the founding members and is one of the members of the board of directors. He graduated in Electronic Engineering from the University of Florence. At FirLab, he is responsible for research and development and business strategy planning.

Massimo Monsignori

Massimo Monsignori

Chief Development Officer


Massimo Monsignori is one of the members of the board of directors. He graduated in Electronic Engineering from the University of Florence. Since March 2004 he has been in FirLab and is responsible for the development of StaffRoster. In particular, it deals with the verticalisations of StaffRoster for the airport sector and the ports.

Tommaso Taruffi

Tommaso Taruffi

Chief Product Officer


Tommaso Taruffi is one of the members of the board of directors. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Florence. At FirLab since July 2007 he has been responsible for product quality and oversees marketing activities.

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Contact Us

Firlab staff will be happy to answer you within 24 hours.



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